The seed of this site started with my aspirations to share found family treasures with the genealogy community and beyond. There is no membership, no newsletters, no fees.

Everything that has been shared on this site has been done as an act of love and with a heart of giving. I do not own the copyright to the images I have scanned, but I own the copyright to the digital scans themselves.


The genephemera images found on my site may be used free of charge for PERSONAL USE ONLY.

None of the genephemera images found on this site may be used for profit without my explicit and handwritten permission; this includes repackaging of digital images, selling on YouWho, merchandising, or any other use for the sake of profit.

It would be nice if you choose to list this site as a source, but it’s not a requirement. As mentioned previously, this site is a resource and I don’t want to have to put up a bunch of regulations about the use of it. Quite simply, you should enjoy visiting Genephemera.com, and if you find a family gem, you should enjoy it also, without a bunch of strings attached.

I reserve the right to demand the removal of any of my digital images from any site or enterprise that chooses to not abide by these conditions, and to sue if those demands are not met.  (Hate to have to sound so mean… but I will follow through with this declaration.)