Selling Ledger Pages

I was nosing around on one of my favorite crafts and handmade items shops when I stumbled on a new trend, well I suppose it’s new, that utterly broke my heart.  Listing after listing for antique ledgers which had been pulled apart and were being sold by the page or small page sets!!! One of the photos for a listing  showed a slave purchase. The unknowing seller probably had no idea that is what the listing was, for I would surely hope that no one is so cruel to knowingly sell off a piece of history of that type.

Among these listings I even found a seller advertising pages from a courthouse back book from the 1800’s!! How?!? How could anyone not realize the immense amount of history they have in their hands and then destroy it for a mere $1 a page?!?! These items belong in the care of historical societies, yet unscrupulous crafters around the globe have created a market for them, so no longer are they donated or cared for.  It can be so hard to stay encouraged to save historical evidence when so many out there seem determined to destroy it.  Sigh….

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