Representative Women of the South, vol. 5 index

Published in 1929 by Mrs. Bryan Wells Collier, this book contains a multitude of short biographies of southern women. Within most of the biographies you will find brief genealogies of each woman, and often one of her husband’s lineage, also. 90% of the women have portraits included within their biography. Undoubtedly, this is a treasure trove of information for any family who’s lineage connects with any of these women.

There are hundreds of names in this book which are not included in this index as I have only listed the specific ladies named in the table of contents. However, I have read through the book and listed the maiden names, births and parents of each when such details where mentioned.

As of yet, this book has not been scanned. As soon as it is, I will load the images and add a link to them here.


Names in the Table of Contents

Indexed with identifying information from their biographies.

Alford, Mrs. Julius C. …72


Ardery, Mrs. William Breckenridge …120-129

Julia Hogue Spencer, daughter of Dr. Isaac J. Spencer and Louise Pendleton. Born in Richmond, Virginia. Raised in Lexington, Kentucky. Maternal grandfather; Dr. Philip Barbour Pendleton.

Bailey, Mrs. M. G. …260


Boifeullet, John T.; of Macon, Georgia …13

Writer of the forward of the book

Bomberger, Mrs. Laura Virginia …168


Bradley, Mrs. Eva Wooten …212


Branch, Mrs. Lawrence O’Bryan …174-179

Nancy Haywood Blount, only daughter of General William Augustus Blount and Nancy Haywood. Born at “Meadowville”, Beaufort County, North Carolina; Dec. 7 1817.

Brown, Mrs. Andrew Franklin …90-92

Alice Mildred Maley. Born May 22 1839 in Elbert County, Georgia. Parents Sidney Maley and Alice Irena Maley. Died July 30, 1907 near Carlton, Georgia. (Daughter; Arabella Brown. See Stark, Mrs. William Weldon of this index.)

Brown, Mrs. Edgar Chandler …94-96

Zelma Louise Stark. Born Dec 6 1897, in Commerce, Georgia. Father; Judge William Weldon Stark. Husband; Edgar Chandler Brown. Died Oct 8 1921. (Mother; Arabella Brown. See Stark, Mrs. William Weldon of this index)

Bryan, Mrs. Inez Sledge …68


Campbell, Mary Coffee O’Neal …56-59

Born near Florence, Alabama. Granddaughter of John Coffee. Mother of Edward A. O’Neil. 2nd marriage was to W.P. Campbell.

Cherry, Mrs. Pinkney Hamilton …200-202

Willie Lee Jones. Daughter of Dr. Gabriel Lee Jones and Mary Molly Penn.

Clothier, Mrs. John Dale …220-223

Fannie Hamilton Hogshead of Natural Bridge, Virginia. Born in Middlebrook, Augusta County, Virginia. Parents Colonel Preston Bailey Hogshead and Elizabeth Ann Hamilton.

Cochran, Mrs. Samuel Poyntz …11, 80-81

portrait on pg 11

Sue Webb Higgins, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Allen Higgins of Lexington, Kentucky. Married on July 3 1883. Born near Georgetown, Scott County, Kentucky at ‘Elmwood’.

Cocke, Mrs. Lucian H. …146-151

Sarah Cobb Johnson of Atlanta, Georgia born to Dr. John Milton Johnson and Mary Willis Cobb (mother was widow of Col. Frank Erwin). First husband; Dr. Hugh Hagan.

Collier, Margaret Wooten …12


Conklin, Mrs. Charles Ashmore …32-36

Anna Lamar Lays, born at “Long View”, Orange Mills, Florida. Father; Thomas Sumter Mays. Mother; Susan Lipscomb Waldo Mays. Married to Charles in 1901 in Atlanta.

Cox, Mrs. Albert Ewing …70-74

Juliet Warren Alford. Born in Covington, Ga, Jan 16 1824. Died May 20th, 1879 in LaGrange, Georgia.  Daughter of Julius C. Alford and Eliza Cook Alford.

Ellis, Mrs. W. D. …262-263

Phoebe Prioleau Ellis. Born Jan 31, 1848 in Beaufort, South Carolina. Died June 9, 1919.

Geiger, Mrs. David Donaphan …240-243

Minnie Walker Geifer, born near Lancaster, Kentucky (Garrard County). Parents; Wade Hampton Walker and Frances Ann (Baker) Walker.

Griffin, Mrs. Jasper Newton …112


Hardman, Mrs. Lamartine Griffen …104-117

Emma Wiley Griffin of Valdosta, Georgia. Only child of Jasper Newton Griffin and Josephine Staten Griffin.

Henneberger, Mrs. William Augustus …166-169

Maude Ada DeKalb Henneberger, daughter of M. Benton Bomberger and Laura Virginia Bomberger.

Hutchings, Mary Coffee Donelson …60-65

Mary Donelson Coffee. Born near Nashville, Tennessee; Sept 24 1812. Died; Dec. 11, 1839. Daughter of John Coffee and Mary Donelson. Husband; Andrew Jackson Hutchings.

Johnson, Dr. John Milton …150


Johnson, Mrs. John Milton …148


Judd, Mrs. Morton Ellis …186-189

Lenna Gertrude Clarke Judd, born in Brownsville, New York. Daughter of George Alexander Clarke and Annie Augusta Rosina Seymour.

Lacy, Mrs. Walter Garner …204-206

Lucile cooper. Born Sept 30, 1889 in Waco, Texas. Parents; Madison Alexander Cooper and Martha Dillon (Roane) Cooper.

Lamar, Mrs. William Bailey …38-41

Ethel Toy. Born in Norfolk, Virginia, but moved as a small child to Atlanta, Georgia. Parents; Robert Boyte Toy of Norfolk, Virginia and Mary Bockover toy, of Edenton, North Carolina.

Lee, Mary Custis …42-50

Parents; George Washington Parke Custis and Mary Ann Randolph Custis.  (This biography predominately covers Arlington and Stratford)

Lipscomb, Mrs. Lamar Rutherford …228-231

Jaquelin Lamar Rutherford, born in Decatur County, Georgia. Parents; Colonel John Cobb Rutherford, of Jefferson County, Georgia and Elizabeth King, of Quincy, Florida.

McKinney, Mrs. W. T. …216-218

Ella Willena Wooten. Born June 24, 1874 in Floyd County, Georgia.  Parents; Lewis Dampsey Wooten and Sarah Anne Hendricks.

Oglesby, Mrs. Zean W. …21-31

Lilla Moselle Leake. Born in Georgia, reared in Richmond, Virginia. Parents; Burwell Hamilton Leake and Sarah Louise Carswell.

Parker, Mrs. James Henry …236-237

Julia Augusta Smith. Born in Charleston, South Carolina. (No parents or lineage listed in this biography)

Ringgold, Mrs. Mary Reinhart …160-165

Born Nov. 6 1873, in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Parents; Edward Hess Reinhart and Lucy Baylor Quigley. First husband was Henry Shepherd III. Second husband; Rowland Carel Ringgold.

Rodes, Mrs. William …76-78

Mary Ford Higgins. Born at ‘Elmwood’, in Scott County, Kentucky. Parents; John Allen Higgens and Bettie Chinn Webb.

Rogers, Ernest …93


Rogers, Mrs Louis Ray …130-134

Iva Dee Allen. Daughter of Julian Grosjean and Mollie Alexander Miller. Born Aug 12, 1872.

Scott, Mrs. William Thomas …248-250

Rose Moss. Born near Paris, Illinois. Parents; Judge John Moss and Nancy Susan Sousley.

Spencer, Mrs. Louis Pendleton …122


Stark, Mrs. William Weldon …82-88

Arabella Brown. Born near Carlton, Georgia (Madison County). Parents; Andrew Franklin Brown and Mildred Maley Brown. (Daughter; Zelma Louise Stark. See Brown, Mrs. Edgar Chandler of this index.)(Daughter; Ruth Stark. See Verner, Mrs. John Claud of this index.)(Mother; Alice Mildred Maley. See Brown, Mrs. Andrew Franklin of this index.)

Stone, Mrs. Fenn Orlestson …136-141

Princess Wyand Stone. Born Feb 6th, 1876 at ‘Oak Grove’ near Addison, Michigan. Daughter of Dr. John Milton Wyand and Cappie Elizabeth Lewis.

Stoner, Winifred Sackville II …224-226

Born 1902 in Norfolk, Virginia. Father; Col. James Buchanan Stoner.

Stubbs, Mrs.William Carter …52-55 (Original table of contents has this mislabeled)

Elizabeth Saunders Blair. Born 1855 in Mobile, Alabama. Daughter of Henry D. Blair and Mary Saunders. Orphaned as a child and raised by her grandparents; Col. James E. Saunders and Mary Watkins, in Lawrence County, Alabama.

Verner, Mrs. John Claud …98-100

Ruth Stark. Daughter of William Weldon Stark and Arabella Brown. Born in Commerce, Georgia. (Mother; Arabella Brown. See Stark, Mrs. William Weldon of this index)

Williams, Mrs. Charles J. …232


Wilson, Mrs. Woodrow …197-198

Ellen Louise Axson. Born in South Carolina. Daughter of Rev. C. E. Axson and Margaret Hoyt.

Wooteen, Hon. John T …214


Wooten, Dr. John Fletcher …210


Wooten, Mrs. John Fletcher …208-215

Margaret Marion Hendrick. Born 1837. Daughter of John Albert Hendricks and Elizabeth Elliott Hendricks.

Wright, Mrs. William A. …66-69

Mary Louise Wright. Born in LaGrange, Georgia. Parents; Judge Albert Ewing Cox and Juliet Warren Alford. First marriage; James H. Sledge.

Wyand, Mrs. Cappie Lewis …138


Wylie, Mrs. Lollie Belle …253-254

Laura Isabelle Moore Wylie. Born in Bayou Coq d’Inde, Alabama (Mobile County). Parents; Dr. Thomas Polk Moore and Augusta Ellis.

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