Tall and proud they stand together in this photograph from the Wilhoyte Scrapbook, Willie Peters and the 3 Wilhoyte boys; Richard, Howard, and Hewett. If you look close you will notice that all 4 have a rolled up pants leg! Whether they were mimicking the old original “Old Bachelor’s Club” is for you to decide. What is known, is that these Oldham County, Kentucky boys looked to have been a fun crowd to be with!

An interesting tidbit is that Willie was found on the 1940 census listed as a boarder with the Wilhoyte’s. This photograph though, provides evidence that he was local at least 3 years prior in 1937, which is the date on the label.

Person(s) In Photograph:

Richard Wilhoyte, Howard Wilhoyte, Hewett Wilhoyte, Willie Peters

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