This simple funeral card caught my attention at a north Georgia antique mall. It was tucked away in a glass cabinet but the shop owner was sweet and opened it so I could take a few pics.

This is young face particularity grabbed my heart. Though it’s not uncommon to see photos of youth who died, it’s still sad to me.

Only 17 years old at her death, there is no location information for Maude M. McCrary. Just that she was born August 31, 1888 and passed May 3, 1906.

While researching her, I found some information on which appears to be for the very same Maude; same birth and death dates. The cemetery that is listed on this site is the Carson City Cemetery, in Michigan. A note is written on the site which reads, “Daughter of James & Effie Jason McCrary”.

Person(s) In Photograph:

Maude M. McCrary

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