This photograph of sweet little sisters Mary Elizabeth and Elinor J Sieber was found at Aunt Arties Antiques in New Albany, Indiana. The price tag left it out of my price range but I pulled out my camera and took these quick snapshots for longevity sake.  Hopefully, a descendant will read this and be able to rescue the girls from the lonely shelf they reside on.

Written across the bottom of the photo reads Mary Elizabeth Sieber 3 yrs and Elinor J Sieber 1 1/2 yrs. The photography studio is marked as a Fort Wayne, Indiana location.

*update* I found a digital copy of this EXACT photo on The caption stated that the photo was taken by Suzy K who spotted the sisters’ portrait in an antique mall in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. Either this photo has traveled or there are duplicates!

Person(s) In Photograph:

Elinor J Sieber, Mary Elizabeth Sieber

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