Cleveland Ohio Police Department Criminal by SherwoodsTreasures.

The owner of the Etsy shop that has this listed for sale has really hit my heart. I love unusual genephemera like this! Of course, if this was my great grandpa I might feel differently… LOL!

This 1954 mugshot card is full of wonderful information, including his age, height, and more! Most importantly, it lists his birth year and place; 1 August 1915 in Dublin, Georgia, which exactly where I found him on the 1920 US Census. His father, Lucius Killebrew (Sr.) was a drayman, and his mother, Susie, was a laundress.

His arrest in Cleveland, Ohio puts him a long way from the southern home he was raised in. A death record for Lucius Killebrew popped up in my search, and lists a married man of that name dying in Cleveland in 1981. It’s likely to be the same Lucius and there seems to have only been one man of that name during the time.


Person(s) In Photograph:

Lucius Killebrew

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