Curls, upon curls. Flowers in her hair, and a book in her hand. Louise Reichspfarr is a victorian vision in this full length portrait! The photography studio listed on the cabinet card is “P. GΓΌnter, successor to D. Stuber” in Louisville, KY at 434 E. Market St. According to the Kentucky Death Records on, there was indeed a Louis Reichspfarr in Louisville,Ky. Born;31 Oct 1878. Died;30 Jul 1962.

Not only that, the record lists her father as Charles Stuedle, which matches the maiden name found on the back of this portrait!

Assuming that this is the very same Louise (and with such an uncommon name, and the matching of maiden surname, it very likely is) then her mother would be Mary Roaderer, as listed also on the death record. A bit more digging leads to several sources listing her parents as a German immigrants.

Unfortunately, it seems that Louise has no living descendants, but she’s a part of someone’s family tree, and I hope they find her here.

Person(s) In Photograph:

Reichspfarr, Louise (Stuedle)

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