This picture post card holds some great genealogy clues because it contains not just a name, but also the names of some relatives. These types of clues are some of my favorite type because it helps narrow down the identity of the specific person. The one thing that it didn’t tell us was a location. Well, I suppose that’s how it always works. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun to figure out!

Lena Green and another woman, who is unidentified, sit prim and proper in this portrait that I took a snapshot of during a rescue mission at Aunt Arties Antiques in New Albany, Indiana.  Handwritten on the back, it reads “(Black hat) Lena Green (Carson Greens daughter) she married Coral Green”.

A quick bit of research led me to an online family tree with a Lena Green who was married to a man named Coral Green. Her father’s name is listed as William Christopher “Carson” Green. To top it all off, the have a picture of her posted that I was able to compare to the one I found and the similarities are striking. It’s safe to say, they are the same woman!

Check out the other persons photo and see if you see the similarities also by clicking HERE to see their family tree!

Person(s) In Photograph:

Lena Green, Carson Green, Coral Green

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