This lovely little girl was rescued from the same antique story as Mary Crimm who I blogged about earlier; Mary Elizabeth Crimm Amos. The fact that they were found together gave me reason to research a familial connection between them. My earlier research about Mary had already revealed Mary’s son, Alonzo Crimm (or Crim).

It only took a few minutes of further research to locate his children, where I found one named “Erma C. Crimm”. Though names on photographs aren’t 100% proof of being a specific person, and even less so when there is no location information on it, I’m fairly certain that this is Mary’s grand-daughter.

Looking into her records, I didn’t see anything that suggested that she ever married or had children. There are a few mentions of a ‘Erma Crimm’ who was a teacher at Victory High School, located in Harrison County, West Virginia. This is the same county as is recorded on Mary Crimm’s portrait as the photographers studio location.

Person(s) In Photograph:

Erma Cody Crimm

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