Bulleid Family All Named 7x Antique Photographs and CDVs c1870 1924 | eBay.

Sheesh, I wish a better scan had been used but, as my dad always told me, beggars can’t be choosers.  Let’s simply be happy that the seller was kind enough to post the backs of the images!

There are 7 in total and the shop owner is located in United Kingdom, meaning the images are likely from the same area.

Left to right they are:

1. Alice, John Field (???), John Samuel Bulleid, Earald Foster

2. Mother, ??? Russell, Me April 1924

3. John L??? Bulleid 18?5-1909

4. John ? Bulleid (Photographer Arthur W. Lee Finsbury Park London)

5. John E. Bulleid

6. Violet Marion? Bulleid 1882-

7. John S. Bulleid

Person(s) In Photograph:

Violet Marion Bulleid, John E. Bulleid, John Field, Alice Field, John Samuel Bulleid, Earald Foster

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