Vintage First Communion Photo of a Teen Boy Named by plaidpearls.

It’s sad to know that this photograph was taken of John when he and his family still saw a full life ahead of him. John, though, apparently had his life cut short at the young age of 16 according to the back of the photo mount.  The photographer was Wolk, listed with a Chicago address, probably Illinios as this is where the current sales listing originates.

According to Ancestry, there was indeed a Paul John Welt who died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois at the age of 16 on 19 Feb 1913. His death record lists him as a butcher. His father, John Welt, and mother, Rosina, both from Germany must have felt an incredible loss at the death of this young man. So must have his 3 older sisters.


Person(s) In Photograph:

John Welt

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