This handsome violinist was spotted by me in a north Georgia antique mall.  I snapped a few quick pics of him as I rushed to keep up with my sister, who had gotten tired and needed to get to the car. The chemo she’s on is so hard on her body…

I wish I had gotten a better snapshot, but this is what I’m stuck with sharing.

His name is Antoni Niedzwiecki and the photo is dated 1923.  The photographer’s studio mark is “Cosgrove Studio” of  Scranton,  PA.

What’s super exciting is that I popped this name into and got an immediate find! There was, in fact a  Antoni Niedzwiecki in Scranton, PA on the 1920 US Census. His birth year is listed 1903, which puts this musically inclined young man at about 20 years old in this photo!

Person(s) In Photograph:

Antoni Niedzwiecki

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