Found at an antique store in English, Indiana that is listed on Google Maps as “Midwest Custom Furniture”.

This is simply an old sheet of paper, and it looks as if it was the backing for a wall hanging or frame . Unfortunately, it has been removed at some point from the frame, and the image/portrait portion is missing.

I snapped a few pics because, though there was no image, it did hold some great genealogy information! Hopefully, someone will find it useful, those a quick search for Adelaide revealed nothing loop significant.

The larger of the two labels reads: “Adalaid Butler Wachler born at Montreal, Canada. Oct 2? 1849 Beloved aunt of Esther M Bauer”

The smaller label reads: “Adalaid Butler. born Montreal, Canada. October ?? 1849” This leads me to believe that ‘Butler’ may have been her maiden name, but I can’t seem to locate any online records of anyone by this name who is from Canada.

Person(s) In Photograph:

Adalaid Butler Wachler

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