Junk’n Johnny

Sometimes we get so caught up in our obsessions that we forget to praise those who help us follow our path.

I want to sing the many praises of a man who lives local to me who goes by the name Junkn’ Johnny!

He’s a stuff buyer and hits up more yard-sales and auctions every week than 10 of myself could hit in a whole month! Johnny antique bargains like a boss! But what is it about Johnny, beyond his gift for spotting great deals, finding amazing treasures, and being uber cute that makes me extol his awesomeness?


Johnny knows what I do here at Genephemera, and I suppose he must think it’s a good cause, because anytime he finds ephemera I might be able to share with others, he calls me and gives me first dibs and an incredibly amazing deal so that I can afford to continue to post more and more.

So, when you hear me talk about new finds from Johnny, you know I’m talking about an insanely awesome man who has been a fundamental part of finding many of the very cool items that I get the chance to share!

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