Joining YouWho

Well, out of curiosity, I headed over to and signed up.  The much anticipated site is not yet up, but after filling out the form and clicking the ‘Sign me up!” button, a popup notified me that I would receive an email once the site is ready. A blurb on the homepage reads; “Hi… Read More Joining YouWho

Waiting To Be Known

This quote from Dr. Carl Sagan speaks to my very core. It is the very essence of the will that keeps me digging through piles of things at flea markets, yard sales, and antique stores!

The Start of a Mad House

What had started as just a handful of photos when I first began this ‘rescue mission’ has officially begun to grow into a pile that covers what little territory they can find on my desk!  Despite my efforts do continue transcribing this mountain of church bulletins, I need to get this clutter beast under control!… Read More The Start of a Mad House

Junk’n Johnny

Sometimes we get so caught up in our obsessions that we forget to praise those who help us follow our path. I want to sing the many praises of a man who lives local to me who goes by the name Junkn’ Johnny! He’s a stuff buyer and hits up more yard-sales and auctions every… Read More Junk’n Johnny

Flat Bed Woes

Oh, to have a large flat bed scanner. My ‘regular’ size flat bed used to seem so awesome… That is, until I started finding large genephemera items which will not fit in it. Presently I have old books, a huge group photo, several antique newspaper clippings and more that are sitting in piles waiting for… Read More Flat Bed Woes

The Turtle and The Hare

Whew!  The last few months have seen me stretch between cloud soaring excitement and hiding under the rocks shame. Why? All over this website!  It’s not enough for me to simply be happy to have a place to share the items I find, I want it to be an easy to use resource for you.… Read More The Turtle and The Hare

A Newbie and Her Blog…

So, it’s official, I am still just a poor little newbie. Are you shocked? LOL!! Me neither! After hours spent chatting with tech ninjas from my hosting site, A Small Orange, I was still lost. Bless their sweet hearts for being so patient with me. I really do love them! All ended well, though, and… Read More A Newbie and Her Blog…


Why can’t I be more funny? Does this sound to serious? Maybe I should wait till the site actually has visitors… Does this avatar make my rear look big? Haahaha! Yes, starting my twitter has truly been this overwhelming, despite the fact that I am so in love with it… despite the fact that I… Read More Twitterpated

My Aching Fingers!!

Woosh! I am so drowning in bulletins!  Found a new set and my poor fingers are already cramping thinking  of all the typing that lays in their near future… Anyone know a good hand masseuse? 😉

Bargain Bin Finds!

In my complete excitement over my uber awesome 1800’s photo album I got an anniversary gift yesterday, I completely forgot to tell you about my handful of  photographs I found in a few bargain bins yesterday! Soon to be added to the Forgotten Faces posts will be The Furmans family, a very handsome Kennedy couple,… Read More Bargain Bin Finds!

Happy A-day to me!!

So yesterday was mine and my hunny’s 11 year anniversary and he got me the perfect gift! I should say, he is extremely wise and took me to a few  local-ish antique stores so I could pick my own gift! LOL! After hours of Ohh-ing and Ahh-ing, and a few What-In-The-World’s (seriously, is there even… Read More Happy A-day to me!!

Girl Gone Wild

     Seriously, that is exactly how I feel.  Wild! Somewhere between elated and pulling my own hair out! Yes, deep down, I know that I feel slightly accomplished in the fact that I now know what HTML is, but oh, Lordy!  That came at a cost.  My simple ‘click and install’ of WordPress went defunct… Read More Girl Gone Wild