Starting Over

When her cancer reared it’s ugly head again last year, I quit blogging. Actually, I quit doing most everything. Now I sit at my keyboard… 2 months of grieving, 6 months as a hospice caregiver, 3 years of  holding her hand through chemo treatments, and a lifetime of sisterhood…. all of behind me, and  nothing… Read More Starting Over

Wilhoyte Scrapbook Completed!!

It’s finished and I am so happy, not only to know that it has been shared, but also that I can now move onto the next project! Check it out here at The Wilhoyte Scrapbook collection page!  

A Philopena Present

This book of signatures was a philopena gift to Miss. Annie Morton from someone who simply signed ‘a friend’.  Inside are handwritten well wishes for Annie as she prepares to leave the area. I don’t know much more yet. This is my newest find I haven’t had time to do any research yet but I’m… Read More A Philopena Present

Wilhoyte Scrapbook Uploading!

Yay!! All scanning has been completed and uploads have began! It will take some time, but my goal is to get the entire set posted within the next few weeks. Look how far I have already gotten here at The Wilhoyte Scrapbook collection!

Rose Fox Nusz Colletion Additions!

Well, no clear answer yet about the copyright law as it pertains to the work I do here. While I continue to find a definitive answer I decided to go ahead and add a few things that I am not worried about copyright law affecting. Check it out here at the Rose Fox Nusz Collection page!

Wilhoyte Treasure Score!

Johnny, my fave antique dealer who I bragged on in another post, found me this awesome 1930’s scrapbook that features a bunch of photos and many of them labeled with identifying names! It came from an auction or sale in Prospect, Kentucky and a  bit of research has already found the named individuals on the… Read More Wilhoyte Treasure Score!

Nusz Progress

This collection is the largest I have handled for the site. Proud to announce, that despite feeling a bit overwhelmed, I have finally finished scanning and cataloging it! Tomorrow will be the first day I begin adding it here for you. I’m so excited for you to see it!! Names found include, Rose and Noah… Read More Nusz Progress

Almost 60!

It may not seem like a lot to you, but I promise that it excites me to say that we have almost 60 photographs now posted and identified on Genephemera! It’s an amazing start to our digital collection. Outside of photographs though, I am still adding heaps of other ephemera that will be helpful to… Read More Almost 60!

Selling Ledger Pages

I was nosing around on one of my favorite crafts and handmade items shops when I stumbled on a new trend, well I suppose it’s new, that utterly broke my heart.  Listing after listing for antique ledgers which had been pulled apart and were being sold by the page or small page sets!!! One of… Read More Selling Ledger Pages


ShareASale approved us for their affiliate program and now we just have to wait and hope that the merchant we are hoping to be approved by, does so also.  If so, there will (hopefully) be some funds generated towards the purchase of more genephemera to share. The little bit that I can currently budget for… Read More Approved!

Share A Sale…

My mom is home and doing amazingly well for someone who suffered a stroke. While I sat up at night I spent time researching affiliates. In order to help finance further purchases for Genephemra to share, I wanted to make sure I picked a program with a solid foundation and strong reviews. Share A Sale… Read More Share A Sale…

Sick Momma…

As I write this, my mom is in ICU at our local hospital. Until things calm down around here I will not be posting anything new.

Joining YouWho

Well, out of curiosity, I headed over to and signed up.  The much anticipated site is not yet up, but after filling out the form and clicking the ‘Sign me up!” button, a popup notified me that I would receive an email once the site is ready. A blurb on the homepage reads; “Hi… Read More Joining YouWho