WWI Postcards Mystery Solved

The postcards had been in Norma McGovern’s family for almost 100 years before their mystery was unlocked.  The writer, George Finlayson, sent them during WWI and they became family treasures from a man that was forgotten. Check out the story at The Evening Telegraph and find out how Norma discovered her family’s relationship to this… Read More WWI Postcards Mystery Solved

Edmond Woman Discovers Civil War Documents

Imagine opening a box, only to find a small personal collection of historical items belonging to a Pennsylvanian doctor who lived during the Civil War. That’s exactly what happened to Julie Mathis! Read more about this awesome discovery by clicking the link below! Edmond Woman Discovers Civil War Documents – News9.com –

Time Capsule Mystery!!

Opened after 100 years, the time capsule put away by members of the Trinity Episcopal Church in Great Ledge Michigan in 1913, was found a letter… a mystery!!  It is sealed and addressed “May 2 1912. If opened after the lapse of many years, these are to be presented to relatives of Rev. Foote if… Read More Time Capsule Mystery!!