Adalaid Butler Wachler

Found at an antique store in English, Indiana that is listed on Google Maps as “Midwest Custom Furniture”. This is simply an old sheet of paper, and it looks as if it was the backing for a wall hanging or frame . Unfortunately, it has been removed at some point from the frame, and the… Read More Adalaid Butler Wachler

Lucius Killebrew Mugshot

Cleveland Ohio Police Department Criminal by SherwoodsTreasures. The owner of the Etsy shop that has this listed for sale has really hit my heart. I love unusual genephemera like this! Of course, if this was my great grandpa I might feel differently… LOL! This 1954 mugshot card is full of wonderful information, including his age,… Read More Lucius Killebrew Mugshot

Charles Samuel Vandross 1942 Mugshot

1942 Allegheney County Pa Police Criminal by SherwoodsTreasures. Born May 1912 in South Carolina and later finding his way to Allegheny, Pennsylvania, where he died in 2004, Charles Vandross looks almost amused that he had been arrested. The record doesn’t reveal why he was picked up by police. All we know, is that he was.