Charles Samuel Vandross 1942 Mugshot

1942 Allegheney County Pa Police Criminal by SherwoodsTreasures. Born May 1912 in South Carolina and later finding his way to Allegheny, Pennsylvania, where he died in 2004, Charles Vandross looks almost amused that he had been arrested. The record doesn’t reveal why he was picked up by police. All we know, is that he was.

Lena Green

This picture post card holds some great genealogy clues because it contains not just a name, but also the names of some relatives. These types of clues are some of my favorite type because it helps narrow down the identity of the specific person. The one thing that it didn’t tell us was a location.… Read More Lena Green

Henry Clemens Work ID Pin

This little beauty was spotted in a small showcase box in the “Old Town Store” in Corydon, Indiana. The clerk there was super sweet and unlocked the case and allowed me to photograph it for the site. Hopefully a  descendant will locate it here and drop her a thank you for her act of kindness!… Read More Henry Clemens Work ID Pin

Carrie Hamblen LaGrange KY

I found Carrie Hamblen (possibly Hamblin) while on a short trip to the Copper Awning, a local antique store. These are snapshots, not scans, because I dropped her off at the Oldham County Historical Society after the purchase. The back of her photo card was stamped with my local city, LaGrange, KY and a small… Read More Carrie Hamblen LaGrange KY

Howard Wilhoyte

Though untitled, I compared this to other photographs in the Wilhoyte Scrapbook and it is safe to say that this is Howard Wilhoyte…. or a secret twin. LOL!

The Old Batchelor’s Club

Tall and proud they stand together in this photograph from the Wilhoyte Scrapbook, Willie Peters and the 3 Wilhoyte boys; Richard, Howard, and Hewett. If you look close you will notice that all 4 have a rolled up pants leg! Whether they were mimicking the old original “Old Bachelor’s Club” is for you to decide.… Read More The Old Batchelor’s Club

Benny Sanders Little Kids

These 3 adorable children are written into history simply as ‘Benny Sanders Little Kids’. A short amount of research time turned up a man named Benny Sanders on the 1940 census in Oldham County, Kentucky. There are only 2 children listed on that census, and they may or may not be 2 of the same… Read More Benny Sanders Little Kids

Willie Peters Portrait

Though this photograph was not labeled, it was easy to identify this as being Willie Peters based on other photographs in the Wilhoyte Scrapbook. Little is known about Willie, other than his birth year showing as 1917 on the 1940 census, when he was listed as a boarder at the Wilhoyte house in Oldham County,… Read More Willie Peters Portrait

Richard Wilhoyte at Mount Vernon

Taken in 1934, this photo from the Wilhoyte Scrapbook shows Richard Wilhoyte during visit to Mount Vernon. It must have been exciting to visit such a place so different than his home in Oldham County, Kentucky!

Hewitt Wilhoyte and Cabin

Found in the Wilhoyte Scrapbook, this photo features Hewitt Wilhoyte (of Prospect/Goshen, Kentucky) enjoying time in front of a ‘log cabin’ built by Richard and Howard. The photograph is dated 1936.