Artifacts, Fogotten Faces

Grace W. Sweet

This baby photo of is absolutely adorable!!! It was take by C.H. Townsend of Willimantic, Connecticut. Scrolled elegantly across the back of the cabinet card is “Grace W. Sweet. Age 6 mo 17 days, Weight 21 1/4 lbs.” A quick bit of research shows that this may very well be Grace Wales Sweet, daughter of… Read More Grace W. Sweet

Artifacts, Fogotten Faces

John T. Clark

These two portraits of Mr. Clark were taken years apart, but show quite a handsome gentleman! Both were taken by Paris, Kentucky photographer L. Grinnan.   The back of each cabinet card lists not only John’s name, but also his siblings! “Brother of Bessie and Sallie Clark”. This made locating him in a quick records… Read More John T. Clark

Artifacts, Fogotten Faces

Elenor Hutchinson

These chubby cheeks are just too much!! This cutiepie, named Elenor Hutchinson, is dressed to the nines in this baby portrait. The photography studio listed on this cabinet card is “Charlton H. Elrod & Bro.”, and the studio location was 313 West Jefferson Louisville,KY.  

Work and Progress

Starting Over

When her cancer reared it’s ugly head again last year, I quit blogging. Actually, I quit doing most everything. Now I sit at my keyboard… 2 months of grieving, 6 months as a hospice caregiver, 3 years of  holding her hand through chemo treatments, and a lifetime of sisterhood…. all of behind me, and  nothing… Read More Starting Over

Artifacts, Fogotten Faces

John Hoffman

  Spotted this handsome gentleman at Traderbaker Flea Market in LaGrange, Kentucky. The name on the back is John Hoffmands. If you look carefully,though, at the close-up of the inscription you can see that this name was written over another; John Hoffman! The portrait was taken at a Louisville, KY portrait studio named Stuber &… Read More John Hoffman

Artifacts, Fogotten Faces

Clyda B Miller

This great photo was spotted sitting on an antique dresser for sale at the Midwest Custom Furniture shop in English, Indiana. His name is Clyda B. Miller, and by his name is written Ohio City, Ohio. The portrait itself was taken at a studio at Griffen Studio in Toledo, Ohio. Dating the photo based on… Read More Clyda B Miller

Artifacts, Fogotten Faces

Philipo Faso

No location info could be found on this antique portrait, just the name “Philipo Faso  1925”. An online search turned up no one with this name. There is a possibly that the spelling is unusual, and that it could also be Filipo Faso,  Philippo Fazo, etc…. Hopefully I’ll get some time to do more research… Read More Philipo Faso