Aunt Arties Antique Mall Adventure

It’s Monday and there’s no better way to start the week than by heading out to explore. Today I wound up in New Albany,  Indiana and found a honey hole… to bad the honey was expensive!

I did luck into a 1919 college year book and one affordable forgotten portrait. The owner was an incredibly sweet woman and answered a handful of questions I had about pricing of ephemera in the shop. Apparently,  the southern Indiana area has some serious paper collectors. She said the dealers with booths raised the price of photos in an effort to deter the destructive trend of some local collectors who were ripping photos off of their mounts to collect the photographer cards. Not everyone in the business would care enough about old portraits to do something as drastic as she has;  making them with more as a whole,  and to expensive to justify destroying.

She offered me the opportunity to come take some snapshots in the future and I am so excited! She has multiple family groups of portraits there! Of course,  I did take a few snapshots today and will be posting them soon.

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