A Girl With A Goal

Strolling through a flea market, I stopped to flip through a stack of old portraits. Across the backs of a few, names were scribbled. Some in pen, some in pencil.

As anyone with too much time on their hands might do; I began to wonder why these photos were in a flea market. Shouldn’t they be with family and descendants of these people?!?!?????

Well, however it was that they ended up in a 50% off bin at a random shop, it broke my history-loving heart to see them there. A few bucks later, they were in my ownership, and ready to take me down the path that led me to starting this blog.

There’s a feeling of bliss in rescuing these forgotten faces and connecting them back to their living relatives. It’s my passion, and it’s grown to more than portraits.  Rambling through antique shops, thrift stores, and flea markets, I now scoop up all types of ephemera that can be useful to other genealogists and family historians. Scrapbooks, church bulletins, annuals, old letters, funeral cards…. I pick up everything my budget allows me.

I’ll admit right here and now, I started this without knowing much about collecting ephemera (books are my curse though!) and starting this has been a trial that I hope you will bear with me through. Slowly I am learning about ‘acid free’ paper and archiving techniques. Most of my purchases have futures with local history societies and state libraries, who can safe guard them while keeping them available to the public.

Any insight or advice you have is ALWAYS welcome and I hope that for those of you who do find a family treasure posted here will share story!

-Jessica Armstead