Bargain Bin Finds!

In my complete excitement over my uber awesome 1800’s photo album I got an anniversary gift yesterday, I completely forgot to tell you about my handful of  photographs I found in a few bargain bins yesterday! Soon to be added to the Forgotten Faces posts will be The Furmans family, a very handsome Kennedy couple,… Read More Bargain Bin Finds!

Happy A-day to me!!

So yesterday was mine and my hunny’s 11 year anniversary and he got me the perfect gift! I should say, he is extremely wise and took me to a few  local-ish antique stores so I could pick my own gift! LOL! After hours of Ohh-ing and Ahh-ing, and a few What-In-The-World’s (seriously, is there even… Read More Happy A-day to me!!

Girl Gone Wild

     Seriously, that is exactly how I feel.  Wild! Somewhere between elated and pulling my own hair out! Yes, deep down, I know that I feel slightly accomplished in the fact that I now know what HTML is, but oh, Lordy!  That came at a cost.  My simple ‘click and install’ of WordPress went defunct… Read More Girl Gone Wild