Bargain Bin Finds!

In my complete excitement over my uber awesome 1800’s photo album I got an anniversary gift yesterday, I completely forgot to tell you about my handful of  photographs I found in a few bargain bins yesterday!

Soon to be added to the Forgotten Faces posts will be The Furmans family, a very handsome Kennedy couple, the Kahne boys from New Haven, and several others.  I might even add them before I finish the transcriptions of the Louisville St. Luke’s Evangelical Church bulletins… Yes, I am already aching for a break from them and I’m not even half way through them!


Happy A-day to me!!

So yesterday was mine and my hunny’s 11 year anniversary and he got me the perfect gift! I should say, he is extremely wise and took me to a few  local-ish antique stores so I could pick my own gift! LOL!

After hours of Ohh-ing and Ahh-ing, and a few What-In-The-World’s (seriously, is there even a market for antique bedpans?!?! Ewww!!!) I found the perfect gift. A post-Civil War photo album with about about 20 photos, consisting of cabinet cards, gels, and tin types. The part that makes it perfect, other than the beautiful album itself, is that the majority of the photos have names written onto the pages!! Woot!!

You know of course that I already hit up my Ancestry account and looked up the family, and, Wow!, the father was one of the founders of Jackson, Michigan! As soon as I can get the rest of the transcriptions done for my first set of bulletins I am going to have the album scanned and shared. Can’t wait for you all to see!

Girl Gone Wild

     Seriously, that is exactly how I feel.  Wild! Somewhere between elated and pulling my own hair out! Yes, deep down, I know that I feel slightly accomplished in the fact that I now know what HTML is, but oh, Lordy!  That came at a cost.  My simple ‘click and install’ of WordPress went defunct the first time I attempted it and within this first week, I have already managed to cause an internal server error…. twice!

      Thankfully, the host I picked, A Small Orange, has been super awesome and helped me with every issue. Their tech guys call themselves ninjas, which I find supremely awesome.  When I chat with them on ‘live help’ I like to imagine them standing atop a pagoda in all black, a samurai sword hanging across their back and their laptop balanced on a raised knee, prepared for battle even as they type responses to my newbie questions.  That image alone has helped keep my spirits up!

     It’s hard not to be antsy, though. I can’t wait to really be up and running, sharing with everyone. Already I am wondering how many people might find answers to their genealogy questions, how many will find their great great grandmother, or long lost uncle.  I am hoping that as this site grows I can help even more, and maybe even find my own lost family photos!  History should be shared, and is just this one girl’s contribution to making it happen. Just think what would happen if we all shared!