Lucius Killebrew Mugshot

Lucius Killebrew Mugshot

Cleveland Ohio Police Department Criminal by SherwoodsTreasures.

The owner of the Etsy shop that has this listed for sale has really hit my heart. I love unusual genephemera like this! Of course, if this was my great grandpa I might feel differently… LOL!

This 1954 mugshot card is full of wonderful information, including his age, height, and more! Most importantly, it lists his birth year and place; 1 August 1915 in Dublin, Georgia, which exactly where I found him on the 1920 US Census. His father, Lucius Killebrew was a drayman, the driver of a dray, and his mother, Susie, was a laundress.

His arrest in Cleveland, Ohio puts him a long way from the southern home he was raised in. A death record for Lucius Killebrew popped up in my search, and lists a married man of that name dying in Cleveland in 1981. It’s likely to be the same Lucius and there seems to have only been one man of that name during the time.

Tintype of JM Bogan

J. M. Bogan of Memphis, TN

Tintype Photograph Of Southern Man Named by IllusionPhotography.

The seller of this photograph posted in their description that J.M Bogan may have ties to the Civil War. Or course, as with any man who was of age during the same time period of tintypes, this must be assumed. The seller pointing it out, though, did pique my interest; Do they know something I don’t yet? So I set off to do a little research of my own.

I didn’t dedicate much time but did find a few city directory listings for a man of the same name/initials who was a bookkeeper in Memphis.  Hopefully his family finds him and tells us more about him!

Cabinet Photo of CR Barnes July 1887 Name and by VivaVintage4U

Cabinet Photo of CR Barnes July 1887

Cabinet Photo of CR Barnes July 1887 Name and by VivaVintage4U.


With side swept hair and a bowtie adorned neck, Mr. C.R. Barnes stares past us in this photo I found for sale on Etsy. Written across the bottom of his portrait is his name and the date July 1887. The photogragher, Phillips, location is LaFayette, Indiana, a very helpful clue!

Ancestry lists several Purdue yearbook pages for a C.R. Barnes in the same time frame and area. It would be worth investigating if you are researching!

George Finlayson

WWI Postcards Mystery Solved

The postcards had been in Norma McGovern’s family for almost 100 years before their mystery was unlocked.  The writer, George Finlayson, sent them during WWI and they became family treasures from a man that was forgotten. Check out the story at The Evening Telegraph and find out how Norma discovered her family’s relationship to this young soldier!

Puzzle of wartime postcards sent to a house in Lochee – Dundee / Local / News / The Evening Telegraph.

John Welt

Brother John Welt

Vintage First Communion Photo of a Teen Boy Named by plaidpearls.

It’s sad to know that this photograph was taken of John when he and his family still saw a full life ahead of him. John, though, apparently had his life cut short at the young age of 16 according to the back of the photo mount.  The photographer was Wolk, listed with a Chicago address, probably Illinios as this is where the current sales listing originates.

According to Ancestry, there was indeed a Paul John Welt who died in Chicago, Cook County, Illinois at the age of 16 on 19 Feb 1913. His death record lists him as a butcher. His father, John Welt, and mother, Rosina, both from Germany must have felt an incredible loss at the death of this young man. So must have his 3 older sisters.


Nurse Bertha Meeker

Nurse Bertha Meeker

Old Antique Cabinet Photo Picture Cleveland Ohio NURSE Woman NAMED Bertha Meeker

This beauty is for sale on Ebay. Written across the back is her name Bertha Meeker. The photographer, Webb, is addressed on Elucid Ave, Cleveland.

Bulleid Family

Bulleid Family Photos Found on eBay

Bulleid Family All Named 7x Antique Photographs and CDVs c1870 1924 | eBay.

Sheesh, I wish a better scan had been used but, as my dad always told me, beggars can’t be choosers.  Let’s simply be happy that the seller was kind enough to post the backs of the images!

There are 7 in total and the shop owner is located in United Kingdom, meaning the images are likely from the same area.

Left to right they are:

1. Alice, John Field (???), John Samuel Bulleid, Earald Foster

2. Mother, ??? Russell, Me April 1924

3. John L??? Bulleid 18?5-1909

4. John ? Bulleid (Photographer Arthur W. Lee Finsbury Park London)

5. John E. Bulleid

6. Violet Marion? Bulleid 1882-

7. John S. Bulleid

pinterest user

Genephemera Now Officially On Pinterest!

To be honest, I wasn’t really sure that I would like Pinterest. Surely, this makes me an old fuddy-duddy, but I’m okay with that. Well, with the scanner being down and me having a few free hours what else was I to do? Of course I could have done some cleaning around the house but … ugg. Cleaning. LOL!

Instead of dishes, I decided to check out Pinterest and liked it enough to start an account and try my hand at building a ‘board’. Should have never started! 3 boards and 50+ pins later, I realized I was addicted!

Who knows how many things I will have ‘collected’ by time I can get my scanner running again and get back to uploading  to the site… So, if you feel like checking my boards out, you’ll find me on Pinterest under the name ‘genephemera’.

Charles Samuel Vandross Mugshot

Charles Samuel Vandross 1942 Mugshot

1942 Allegheney County Pa Police Criminal by SherwoodsTreasures.

Born May 1912 in South Carolina and later finding his way to Allegheny, Pennsylvania, where he died in 2004, Charles Vandross looks almost amused that he had been arrested. Given the time period of the arrest and the police practices of the time, it’s likely he was used to being a target arrest but the record doesn’t reveal why he was picked up by police. All we know, is that he was.

Lena Green

Lena Green

This picture post card holds some great genealogy clues because it contains not just a name, but also the names of some relatives. These types of clues are some of my favorite type because it helps narrow down the identity of the specific person. The one thing that it didn’t tell us was a location. Well, I suppose that’s how it always works. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be fun to figure out!

Lena Green and another woman, who is unidentified, sit prim and proper in this portrait that I took a snapshot of during a rescue mission at Aunt Arties Antiques in New Albany, Indiana.  Handwritten on the back, it reads “(Black hat) Lena Green (Carson Greens daughter) she married Coral Green/Oral Green.

A quick bit of research led me to an online family tree with a Lena Green who was married to a man named Coral Green. Her father’s name is listed as William Christopher “Carson” Green. To top it all off, the have a picture of her posted that I was able to compare to the one I found and the similarities are striking. It’s safe to say, they are the same woman!

Check out the other persons photo and see if you see the similarities also by clicking HERE to see their family tree!

Mary Elizabeth and Elinor J Sieber closeup

Mary Elizabeth and Elinor J Sieber

This photograph of sweet little sisters Mary Elizabeth and Elinor J Sieber was found at Aunt Arties Antiques in New Albany, Indiana. The price tag left it out of my price range but I pulled out my camera and took these quick snapshots for longevity sake.  Hopefully, a descendant will read this and be able to rescue the girls from the lonely shelf they reside on.

Written across the bottom of the photo reads Mary Elizabeth Sieber 3 yrs and Elinor J Sieber 1 1/2 yrs. The photography studio is marked as a Fort Wayne, Indiana location.

*update* I found a digital copy of this EXACT photo on The caption stated that the photo was taken by Suzy K who spotted the sisters’ portrait in an antique mall in Ft. Wayne, Indiana. I sent a message to the Ancestry member and hope that this means the girls will find a new home soon!

Fannie Camack funeral card

Fannie Camack Funeral Card

This is a quick snapshot I took while on a rescue mission to Aunt Artie’s Antiques in New Albany, Indiana. The front of the funeral card contained a poem, so the back its the only picture I took.

It reads Fannie Camack, Died June 10 1891, Aged 73 years. (Calculated birth year 1818)

It may turn out that this Fannie Camack is the same woman as listed on as Fannie Elizabeth Cammack, 1816-1891 buried in the Hillcrest Cemetery of  Utica, Clark County, Indiana.


Aunt Arties Antique Mall Adventure

It’s Monday and there’s no better way to start the week than by heading out to explore. Today I wound up in New Albany,  Indiana and found a honey hole… to bad the honey was expensive!

I did luck into a 1919 college year book and one affordable forgotten portrait. The owner was an incredibly sweet woman and answered a handful of questions I had about pricing of ephemera in the shop. Apparently,  the southern Indiana area has some serious paper collectors. She said the dealers with booths raised the price of photos in an effort to deter the destructive trend of some local collectors who were ripping photos off of their mounts to collect the photographer cards. Not everyone in the business would care enough about old portraits to do something as drastic as she has;  making them with more as a whole,  and to expensive to justify destroying.

She offered me the opportunity to come take some snapshots in the future and I am so excited! She has multiple family groups of portraits there! Of course,  I did take a few snapshots today and will be posting them soon.

A. Kirpen

A. Kirpen Beard Grower Extraordinaire!

While at the “Old Town Shop” in Corydon, Indiana on a rescue mission, I got to chatting with the counter clerk when I spotted this propped up on a small shelf behind the register.  I was beyond excited that she let me handle it and snap a quick camera photo as she told me that Mr. A. Kirpen is part of the store owner’s personal collection of antique oddities.

Mr. Kirpen’s photo card lists his photographer as J. A. Foster in Adrian, Michigan. The 1860 US Census does indeed show a J.A. Foster living in the area and listed as an artist.

It seems that the University of Michigan may have a similar image on file and lists the description as “A.Kerpen, beard 8 feet long, 11 years growth.” Click HERE to go to their university listing.

Apparently several other photographers took portraits of Mr. Kerpen and his incredible beard. Check out this link to another photo of him on Wikimedia: A.Kerpen and this one also A.Kerpen 2.

John W. Price bond

Belknap Hardware & Manufacturing Company Stock

This snapshot is of a 1932 stock certificate was found framed and hanging in the ‘Old Town Store’ in Corydon, Indiana. The ‘owner’ listed is actually 3 different men;  John W. Price, Charles B. Price,  and Henry B. Spencer. They are notated as being the trustees of John W. Price.

Henry Clemens pin

Henry Clemens Work ID Pin

This little beauty was spotted in a small showcase box in the “Old Town Store” in Corydon, Indiana. The clerk there was super sweet and unlocked the case and allowed me to photograph it for the site. Hopefully a  descendant will locate it here and drop her a thank you for her act of kindness!

The pin is stamped with the company name “The Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co.”. Inserted into it is a small photo of a man labeled “Henry Clemens”. Beneath his name is a small series of numbers which appear to be 7 28 52, and a stamp of ‘723’.

The Hamilton Foundry & Machine Co. was founded in Butler County, Ohio with a division in Decatur, Indiana. A quick peek through an search shows several Henry Clemens’ in Decatur County, Indiana and a few men of similar names in the Cincinnati, Ohio area, thought not directly in Butler County.


Old Town Store

The Old Town Store

I’ve been busy procrastinating today. Instead of running the scanner, I decided to take advantage of my time and hang with one of my sisters. We traveled out to Corydon, Indiana and found this sweet antique store. There were quality items everywhere,  but not much for us genealogists.

There was an awesome clerk, though,  who allowed me to snap a few photos of a couple of the few genephemera finds that we did see.  I definitely recommend this place if you’re ever in the area and looking for high end,  quality Americana antiques. It’s a treasure trove of carefully curated finds!

Carrie Hamblen

Carrie Hamblen LaGrange KY

I found Carrie Hamblen (possibly Hamblin) while on a short trip to the Copper Awning, a local antique store. These are snapshots, not scans, because I dropped her off at the Oldham County Historical Society after the purchase. The back of her photo card was stamped with my local city, LaGrange, KY and a small handwritten note that reads “Died Sept 17 1900”. The photo mount is dated 1888, which provides a 12 year window into when this portrait was taken. Unfortunately, though, these dates leave a gap to research because there is no 1890 census to look into. I did find a marriage record for Alleen Garrett in Indiana, who is listed as born in 1889 Oldham, Ky. Her parents are listed as John E. Garrett and Carrie Hamblin.