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Any paper item (ephemera) from the past which contains a record of names, or a name, which may be used for the purpose of genealogy research. The most helpful of these items contain a reference to a location in which the identified person, or persons, once resided or visited. Examples of genephemera are: letters/postcards, legal documents, photographs bearing identification, church bulletins, ect.

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Lucius Killebrew Mugshot

Cleveland Ohio Police Department Criminal by SherwoodsTreasures. The owner of the Etsy shop that has this listed for sale has really hit my heart. I love un ...

J. M. Bogan of Memphis, TN

Tintype Photograph Of Southern Man Named by IllusionPhotography. The seller of this photograph posted in their description that J.M Bogan may have ties to t ...

Cabinet Photo of CR Barnes July 1887

Cabinet Photo of CR Barnes July 1887 Name and by VivaVintage4U.   With side swept hair and a bowtie adorned neck, Mr. C.R. Barnes stares past us in thi ...

Beautiful Viola Shafer

All the Single ladies named Viola Shafer Vintage by LaFeria. Photographed by Shively in Decatur, Illinois Ms. Viola Shafer was a beauty. It would be difficu ...

WWI Postcards Mystery Solved

The postcards had been in Norma McGovern’s family for almost 100 years before their mystery was unlocked.  The writer, George Finlayson, sent them dur ...

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     Funding for rescue purchases and equipment is an invaluable part of running None of the historical items you find here are re-sold, but instead, are donated to the appropriate libraries and historical societies. You can help support us and our rescue missions by shopping at our affiliates.