Any paper item (ephemera) from the past which contains a record of names, or a name, which may be used for the purpose of genealogy research. The most helpful of these items contain a reference to a location in which the identified person, or persons, once resided or visited. Examples of genephemera are: letters/postcards, legal documents, photographs bearing identification, church bulletins, ect.

Paper From The Past

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Crimes Against History

Selling Ledger Pages

I was nosing around on one of my favorite crafts and handmade items shops when I stumbled on a new trend, well I suppose it’s new, that utterly broke ...

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We love reunions!
Every item we share here has been seperated from it's family. We save them from a life of dust in antique store bins and estate sale rubbish piles.

If you are reunited with a piece of your past here, please share your story!
It's always wonderful to hear about your success. It lets us know our work matters and encourages us to continue! -Jessica

Rescue Missions

     Funding for rescue purchases and equipment is an invaluable part of running None of the historical items you find here are re-sold, but instead, are donated to the appropriate libraries and historical societies. You can help support us and our rescue missions by shopping at our affiliates.

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